Wireless Controller for PlayStation DualSense Edge


Made with speed and personalization in mind, this cutting-edge PS5 dualsense edge controller asks you to craft an idiosyncratic hands moment of vindication.     

Perfect Your Gameplay™ Designed for a variety of modes: Use adaptable controls and interchangeable profiles to strengthen your advantage, whether it’s competing in professional-level tournaments or immersing yourself into an escort mission.

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller best seller product on game bloggers
PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Product Description:
Easily replace the stick modules to ensure consistent optimal equipment and sharpen your precision in aiming and movement. Three types of interchangeable caps installed on sticks ensure in-game comfort without sacrificing firm grip or stability.

With mappable back buttons, the DualSense Edge wireless controller the best seller product on amazon has two sets of swappable back buttons that can be customized to whatever button input is needed.

 This allows essential controls for game-changing actions and moves directly at your fingertips. Customize your play with adjustable trigger lengths. Optimal Playing: Adjust the travel distance of your left and right triggers manually for optimum results. Want quicker shooting in a fast-action FPS? Set a shorter travel distance. Engaged in competitive racing? Take a longer travel distance for better throttle control on the track.

With fully programmable buttons, you can change or disable the commands of specific button inputs to make your own control setup adapt perfectly according to what type of game is being played.

Quick-swap functionality means easy switching between control profiles. After you’ve found settings that are just right, save the profiles and switch between them easily at will. This way your favorite configurations re always with you when it comes time to put lead into targets or ballistics downrange.

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller is on game bloggers
PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

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